New knit pattern released for kids

New knit pattern released for kids

Lundar sweater pattern for kids has been published as a PDF knit pattern and is available on the Faroeknit website and Ravelry in the Danish and English language. Sizes go from 2 - 12 years, and later the idéa is to make a pattern for adults too. I will try another yarn for the adult version of the sweater.

The idéa for the Lundar sweater started while I was on board the ferry Norrøna from Denmark to the Faroe Islands. I love birds, and Puffin is a stunning and unique bird. Therefore it is only natural; one of my sweaters has to include a puffin in the pattern. While at the café on deck 5, I started to draw the design.

The sweater is knitted top-down and in the round. It is a seamless pattern, making it a perfect match for those of us, who are not fond of sewing. Navia Duo and Snældan 2-ply are also awesome options for the sweater.


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