Why I knit

Why I knit

First, I love to be creative, and knitting gives me an opportunity for that. I relax while I knit, and knitting is like yoga for me. Knitting allows me to slow down the pace and take a second. Knitting is something I need in my life to avoid too much stress from those daily activities as a mom and a "work from home mom" and "work at home mom" since right now, I am both.

Knitting is not different now than back in the days other than today, you can do other entertaining things while you knit if you want to. I sometimes knit while I watch a favorite series on Netflix or Viaplay. Because then I can avoid feeling too guilty watching TV instead of doing something else, like cleaning the bathroom, etc. But I have to make sure the pattern is not too complicated for multitasking. Or an error or several will happen. Sometimes I have to undo my work and start over because I got too caught up in the episode I was watching. So I do not recommend knitting colorwork or lace while multitasking. Do it at your own risk, but now I have warned you.

In the Faroe Islands, we have sweater weather all year round, which gives me plenty of "excuses" to knit and for buying more yarn. I have three kids and myself to knit for, and each of us needs more than one sweater in our lives. That is entirely logical, and so yes, I need to buy yarn sometimes. The fact that the stash is not getting any smaller that is another story!

When I knit a project, I do not always know what the outcome is, and that is an exciting part of the design and knitting process. I draw something, and sometimes I go a completely different direction after I see the work on my needles than when I had the original design on my drawing board. This process is so exciting and fulfilling.

Why do you knit?
I would love to see your answer in the comments.

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