About Faroeknit

The purpose of my business Faroeknit is to share the extraordinary Faroese knitting culture to every knitter out there. To make a piece of the Faroese knitting culture available to you and everyone interested in the Scandinavian Style knitting. 

The name Faroeknit originates from two terms which are "Faroe" and "knit". I choose this name for my business because I base my knitting patterns on traditional Faroese patterns. I also put my own interpretation on them.

I am the first Faroese knit designer making knit patterns available as PDF downloads at Ravelry.com. All designs from Faroeknit are in both Danish and English language. The Faroese people are known for their Boatman's jerseys knitted using two colours, often with a natural white as the base colour and as a reddish-brown as the contrast colour. Several of my knit patterns have two colours as these Boatman's jerseys also had back in the days.

I make knitting tutorials on Youtube, and you are welcome to visit my channel here

I offer you free support when you buy one of my knit patterns. Send an e-mail to faroeknit@gmail.com, if you have questions, and I will get back to you asap.

Best wishes,

Randi Hjelm Debes


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